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Kamchatka region
Kamchatka cuisine
The thermal springs
Team tour and service
Special programs
You can choose special programs if you like the fantastic atmosphere of Kamchatka! This tour is organized especially for you.
Halaktyrskiy beach
This is a rare phenomenon caused by the constant eruptions of volcanoes on the peninsula. Lava and slag flows pour out and solidify on the slopes and adjacent territories. And the fast rivers that originate in glaciers, year after year, erode this mineral-rich rock and carry it into the ocean.
And then, with each wave approaching the shore, small particles of volcanic origin are carried away and remain on the coastal strip. When you approach this place, already several kilometers away, the energy of large water suddenly pierces you, you feel a salty smell and even the wind has a different taste.
The Bystraya River
The abundance of species and number of fish in Kamchatka rivers is amazing. Year after year, salmon species of fish rush from the sea to spawning grounds in the upper reaches of fast and small rivers and, obeying instinct, return precisely to those rivers where some time ago they themselves hatched from eggs. Luxurious fishing with spinning and fly fishing gear, combined with other riches of the peninsula (bears, volcanoes, geysers, the Pacific Ocean) makes Kamchatka one of the most interesting destinations for anglers.
Vachkazhets volcano
A very interesting natural site, protected by the state, with its own unique ecosystem. Despite the fact that a comfortable path is not laid along the entire route, tourists coming to Kamchatka from all over Russia and other countries love to visit Vachkazhets. They are attracted here by the striking beauty of nature, the views that open to their eyes. Climbing the volcano is not difficult and is accessible even to the most unprepared people. There is also a unique opportunity to meet the owner of Kamchatka - a brown bear.
Mutnovskiy Volcano
One of the most unforgettable routes when visiting Kamchatka! Tourists climb to the very crater of this volcano, where powerful glaciers are now located. More than a dozen eruptions that happened here in former times have left their traces. They form a landscape that can be safely called fantastic. In order to be surrounded by these views with their own eyes and to feel the breath of a fiery mountain, people strive here.
Here tourists can watch steam-gas jets, boiling mud pots and mud volcanoes, as well as take water procedures in a blue clay bath.
At the foot of the Mutnovsky volcano there is a huge fault - the Opasny canyon. Photos do not convey the full scope and grandeur of this place.
Goreliy Volcano
The landscape of Gorely attracts with its formidable beauty and combination of different colors. The variety of the volcano's craters is amazing. Some of them look like wells and are filled with lakes with acidic or plain water.

Especially impressive is the Blue Lake, the eastern crater, named after the color of the reservoir located in it. Steep cliffs, towering two hundred meters, hang over the acidic water, and pieces of ice float on the lake.
The Pacific Ocean
Since almost all fish in the ocean are schooling, they take lures very greedily and it happens that the hooks are seized by several individuals at once, which causes wild delight in the fisherman. There is no time limit for biting, if you hit the flock, it means that you caught 100%.
During the tour, fishermen have time to get maximum pleasure from the fishing itself, from the process of playing fish and from communication with the Pacific Ocean. There is a chance to see killer whales along the route
Sub boards
The city embankment is an ideal place for SUP paddle training.
Our route passes through the parking lot of the city's fishing fleet to the beach in the Seroglazka district. Here you will have the opportunity to take pictures with the remains of a ship from the beginning of the 20th century.

Further, the route goes along Nikolskaya Sopka. On the way, it is possible to meet with seals and various species of birds. Traditionally, the walk ends at sunset. Watching the sunset on the water will add bright colors and unforgettable impressions on this busy day.
The Valley of Geysers
Places that can only be reached by helicopter. The Valley of Geysers is one of the largest clusters of geysers in the world, its beauty is unique and truly stunning. And the valley tops the list of the seven wonders of Russia, second only to Baikal, and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Volcanoes of Kamchatka.
Caldera Uzon is famous for its geothermal activity. In its western part, there are about 100 springs and several hundred geothermal manifestations. On Uzon, you will meet a distinctive and mesmerizing symbiosis of volcanism and wildlife.
The tour results
Глэмпинг на черных песках Халактырского пляжа – это закат у костра под звуки бушующих волн Тихого океана, это неповторимые звездные ночи и волшебный рассвет, который мы встречаем первыми на всем континенте.
You will live in double decker comfortable residential complex in Thermalniy village. It is waiting for guests! There you can find a Bath complex with Russian bath, Turkish sauna, swimming pool with running water and rest zone.
Also brazier, cauldron and charcoal grill are located there.
Moreover, you can swim in thermal swimming pool in courtyard of complex and see picturesque landscape.

Kamchatka cuisine is based on seafood and freshly caught fish.
Also the ration will include Snow crab, Kamchatka crab, read salmon caviar, scallop,
venison and elk. This hearty food helps to be healthy and young!
Equipment recommendations
Tour to Kamchatka is a great way to spend time on nature. That is why you should take:
Waterproof windbreaker and warm down hacket
Comfortable and durable shoes (trekking boots)
Headgear without nets and holes
Passport and driver's license in a sealed case
Cash for refueling the car and purchases in surrounding villages
Knife, lighter, flashlight, sunglasses
First aid kit and mosquito and tick repellent
Personal food and water
Guides, cooks, drivers, huntsmen
Team of professionals
Guides-drivers will carry the group to selected locations, help arrange an overnight stay and prepare food in marching conditions. Their main target is to provide security because you can meet a bear everywhere on Kamchatka!
There are off-road variants for advanced drivers. It is better to drive by two cars to these trips. You should be ready to dig your car!

Tour price
Next services are included in the price:
Tour operator services
Guides services
Visiting places
Halaktyrskiy beach
The Bystraya River
Valchkazhets volcano
Mutnovskiy volcano
Goreliy volcano
The Pacific Ocean
The Valley of Geysers
*Kurile Lake
*Tolbachik volcano
*The Icha River

*paid separetly
**Air travel, alcohol and personal food are not included in price
23000 AED
Kurile Lake
Kurile Lake is a crater lake on the South of Kamchatka. Its territory is a reserve which is included in UNESKO world heritage list.
Lake is surrounded by rocky shores and impassable bush thickets. It seems that life there differs from life in whole world. It is very calm and leisurely. Enjoy every moment!

Additional tours
Tolbachik volcano
Streams of fiery rivers with temperature up to 1000 °C and with speed up to 400 cubic meters per second created new landscape. It is lifeless black field with Dead Wood, soaring calderas, with more than 10 caves and basalt from freaky twisted bursts. The volcano has already calmed down but it still reminds of itself with glow of warm lava on the slope.

Additional tours

The Icha River
The Icha River is included in the elite of world's fishing rivers. It is one to the biggest rivers of Kamchatka. All types of Pacific Ocean's salmons go to spawn there. In this way, it is absolutely natural that a lot of trophies are guaranteed for you.
We don't only organize interesting and efficient fishing tours. We make an atmosphere of exciting adventure and unforgettable trip.

Additional tours
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